Why do you need home insurance?

  • An unexpected event, such as a fire or explosion can cause serious damage to your home. Home Insurance relieves you of such financial burdens after a disaster, ultimately protecting your asset.

What does home insurance cover?

  • This offers coverage for your home, including content, from damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, riot, strike, malicious damage, and even natural disasters.

Benefits of Home Insurance from Assuria

  • FREE Inhabitable Rental Assistance
  • 30% No Claim Rebate Option on Residential Insurance
  • Multiple Discounts on packages
  • Access to our Multi-Discount Card Program
  • Choice of Premiums
  • Easy payment plans
  • ISO certification.
  • Fast claim handling
  • Professional insurance agents
  • Report a Claim online
  • Online assistance via Facebook Messenger
  • Online assistance via our Website Chat
  • Online assistance via WhatsApp