Oil and Gas

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Together with the support of our reinsurers, we are pleased to offer insurance policies required by all stakeholders of the Oil and Gas sector.

Commercial General Liability
This includes Blanket Contractual Liability, broad from property damage, personal injury and product liability.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Garage Keepers Liability
For vendors supplying automotive related services.

This type of coverage protects your customers’ vehicles or goods from damages while under your care, custody, control or possession.

Commercial Auto Liability Insurance
This coverage includes legal expenses if you're sued, other losses Including vehicle theft, vandalism, and damages.

It also covers medical payments and property damage related to an accident.

Excess Liability
An excess policy provides specific coverage above an underlying limit of primary insurance.

This policy increases the amount of coverage available to compensate for a loss, it does not increase the scope of coverage.

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